Answers for FIFA 17 FUT Web App

Today I will answer some FIFA 17 Fut Web App's questions, here we go.

Q: How do I register in Origin?

A: To access FUT Web App, you need to be registered on Origin. If you’re not, just go to Origin website and select ‘Join Now’. After the conclusion of the process, you’ll be able to login to the FUT Web App for FIFA 17.

Q: Do I need to do anything to enable the FUT Web App for FIFA 17?

A: No. It’s automatic. The app for FUT 16 will be taken down for maintenance a few days before the FUT 17 Web App release date. By the way, if you need cheap fifa 17 coins, welcome to our site.

Q: Which one is launched first: FUT Web App for FIFA 17 or early access of EA and Origin Access?

A: FUT Web App.

Q: Why should I use the FUT Web App for FIFA 17?

A: The big advantage of using the FUT Web App is that it is the fastest and more comfortable way to managing one’s club. Most traders use it for searching, selling and buying cards because these actions imply frequent quick visits to the market during the day.

Q: I want to go back to the FUT Web App for FIFA 16. Where I can find it?

A: You can’t. After the FUT Web App release for FIFA 17 it is not possible anymore to access the FUT Web App for FIFA 16. However, you still can control your squad in the console.

Q: Is it possible to use the FUT Web App to manage a squad I own in another console?

A: Yes. You just have to click in the ‘FUT Persona Selector’ icon that you can find in the top right corner. Be sure to change to the persona you want and wait until the FUT Web App be restarted with the selected persona.

Q: Is FUT 17 Web App free?

A: Sure. You just need a PC with an internet connection and the last version of Flash installed.

Q: I am registered in Origin but I can’t get into the FUT Web App for FIFA 17. Why?

A: The FUT 16 Web App early access is only for who have created a security question/answer before August 1st 2016. If you are a new player, you will need to play in the console first before you can access to the Apps.

Q: I can access to the FUT Web App but the market is unavailable. Why?
A: If you haven’t played FUT 16 in the console where you plan to play FUT 17, the Apps will not make available the market’s earlier access. You need to validate your FIFA 17 account in the new console to unlock the market.

Q: How can I take advantage of early access?
A: Follow the tips we have in our FIFA 17 Starting Guide.
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FIFA 17 Leicester City Ratings Predictions

One of the stand out stories of the 2015-16 season, the idea of Leicester City avoiding relegation, let alone winning the title, was a fantasy for many. The Premier League champions have stolen the hearts of many over the last year or so, and EA will almost certainly be delivering major upgrades to the squad. And now you can buy fifa 17 coins at u4fifa.com with a low price and instant delivery.

GK – Ron Robert Zieler – 80
One of many talented German goalkeepers plying their trade in Europe, Zieler looks set to be a sturdy replacement for the outgoing Schmeichel. Consistency with Hannover for years should see him step up to being a rare card – but I would be surprised to see his rating change for next year.

GK – Kasper Schmeichel – 80
Schmeichel Jr. made huge strides towards emulating the legendary achievements his father made with a highly successful season in goal for Leicester – and though he may be heading out of the club EA will almost certainly boost his rating significantly this summer.

RB – Danny Simpson – 76
The former Man United academy man has perhaps fulfilled some of the talent he once held at Old Trafford, with strong performances across the second half of the season. A major boost from silver to gold should be expected for the full back.

RB – Richie De Laet – 73
A season of moderate success for De Laet, in which he largely played as back up to Simpson, should see his card receive a minor upgrade for FIFA 17, and like Simpson go closer to fulfilling the promise invested in him at Manchester United

LB – Christian Fuchs – 79
Despite a poor Euro 2016, Fuchs was widely regarded as the best left back in the country through his stellar performances last year, with offensive and defence contributions for his side. The Austrian full back will certainly step up to a gold card, and should see a major boost to land himself comfortable stats in the gold category.

CB – Wes Morgan – 81
The lynchpin of the defence, Wes Morgan was arguably one of the best players of the season for both Leicester and the nation as a whole. His composure and reliability at the back for Leicester were crucial in maintaining their winning run across the tougher months of the campaign, and without doubt Morgan’s role at the heart of the back make him a candidate for one of the largest upgrades we’ll see in FIFA 17. I fully expect him to be a strongly rated defender next year, with gold being virtually guaranteed and a rating that exceeds 80 not an impossibility.

CB – Robert Huth – 81
Huth was different to some of his lesser known teammates at the start of the season having had playing time at Stoke in the league before – yet his exploits for Leicester alongside Morgan still see him well in line for a strong upgrade going into FIFA 17. Another player who looks set to break the 80 barrier, I would imagine EA giving the pair equal ratings and thus I see the pair receiving 81 each.

RM – Riyad Mahrez – 83
The Premier League Player of the Year is in line for a rating to place him as one of the league’s strongest wingers. His sheer volume of special cards last year are a testament to his performances over the season – as his award as the best player of the league show. He should comfortably step over the 80+ barrier, and be given a rating that places him as one of the division’s strongest players.

LM – Marc Albrighton – 76
Yet another unsung hero of the Leicester team, Albrighton enjoyed a fantastic season at Leicester this year, earning himself talk of an England call up and playing in every game of the season. He should definitely be the recipient of an upgrade to gold, and whilst I’ve predicted 76 it could well exceed that number.

LM – Demarai Gray – 71
Whilst his appearances were mainly limited to the bench, it is clear that the former Birmingham man holds great potential for the future, and looked promising whenever given the spotlight by Ranieri. He should receive a boost within the silver ratings, to make him one of the strongest silver cards in the league.

LM/LB – Jeffrey Schlupp – 70
Another player that saw large stints on the bench, the Ghanaian was impressive when he featured, enough so to earn a minor upgrade within the silver ranks to break the 70+ barrier. His versatility as a full back or a more offensive winger leave his position dubious for next year, but he should receive a small upgrade.

CM – Danny Drinkwater – 79
Drinkwater enjoyed a phenomenal season in the middle of the pitch for Leicester, only missing out on more plaudits through the efforts of the teammates playing around him, and became the player many English fans were most annoyed at being left out of the England squad for Euro 2016. The popularity of the player makes him another likely target for a huge boost in rating, which should place him well into the gold ratings.

CM – N’Golo Kante – 83
Dubbed the new Makelele by many, Kante was considered by many to be Leicester’s most important player of the 2015-16 season, and his exemplar tackling and interceptions across the season leave him well placed for a considerably major upgrade going into FIFA 17. Certainly EA would face mass uproar from many if Kante isn’t one of the largest boosts for the next game.

CM – Andy King – 73
Andy King broke a Premier League record by being the first player to have won the three highest divisions in the PL era – and as Leicester’s longest serving player, the midfielder is well regarded with the fans of the club. Whilst he spent long parts of the season behind Drinkwater and Kante, he played well when given the opportunity, and should receive a moderate upgrade.

ST – Jamie Vardy – 82
Perhaps the most iconic player from the Leicester story, Vardy has become synonymous with the entire concept of ‘rags to riches’ in football, and has the adulation of half of the footballing world. With such praise and plaudits given to the guy it would be impossible for EA not to make his card amongst the greatest upgrades in the game, and I see him being placed straight into the 80+ region from the very start of the game.

ST – Shinji Okazaki – 78
His goal scoring statistics were poor over the course of the season, especially when compared to Vardy’s – however the goals he did score were often at crucial times for Leicester, and ensured their title challenge lost momentum in the crucial moments. I expect him to maintain his rating going into next season.

ST – Leonardo Ulloa – 73
Just as Okazaki had a meagre goal tally across the season, Ulloa also found himself shy of goals over the year too – though being behind the two strikers before him won’t have helped. Even so, the strong Leicester performance should mask his inadequacies and prevent him from getting a downgrade next year.

ST – Ahmed Musa – 77
As with what usually happens when a player moves to the Premier League, EA should lavish an upgrade on Musa for joining the league champions. It does help that Musa is one of the most talented young African players around, and definitely holds considerable talent as a striker for the team he plays with. A minor boost seems fitting.
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Women's Teams Will Still be Introduced in FIFA 17

When the news dropped that FIFA 16 would include women's teams, a lot of players, men and women, were pretty psyched. Users could choose from over 12 national teams and could compete in either match day, an offline tournament, or online friendly seasons. Now it's been confirmed that FIFA 17 Women's National Teams will be featuring in the game! It appears that FIFA 17 will see an expanded list of Women's National teams, rumoured to be 16 teams in total. If you want to buy fifa 17 coins for this, welcome to our site.

FIFA 17 Women's National Teams

Confirmed Teams

We'll update all the confirmed teams here.

Leaked Teams

The first new FIFA 17 Women's National Team making the list appears to be Norway after a recent leak from the Norwegian forward Ada Hegerberg. The Olympique Lyonnais forward posted to her Instagram with a picture of what appears to be an EA face scan / interview for the game, captioned "#FIFA17 . Rumored that COD also wanted some of the pictures." Norway are currently ranked 11th in the FIFA World Rankings for 24th June, 2016.

Rumoured Teams

Based on the FIFA World Rankings from June (shown in brackets) and previously included teams in FIFA 16, we can begin to speculate which FIFA 17 Women's National Teams will be included in the game. You'll notice that certain teams such as Japan, who are currently ranked 7th, were not included last year. This makes us think that they won't feature this year either.

Returning from FIFA 16

It's likely that all teams that EA obtained the licenses for last year, will be returning to FIFA 17.

USA (1)
Germany (2)
France (3)
England (4)
Australia (5)
Sweden (6)
Brazil (8)
Canada (10)
China (12)
Spain (14)
Italy (18)
Mexico (27)
New to FIFA 17

Our prediction as to which new teams will feature in FIFA 17 are as follows;

Norway (11)
Netherlands (13)
Switzerland (15)
Iceland (16)

Which FIFA 17 Women's National Teams would you like to see included in the game? If you have any information, share it in the comments!
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